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Sunrise Scholarship Fund Philosophy

Sunrise Montessori (Sunrise) is committed to providing an excellent Montessori education for children ages 2 through 11 (5th year). The school has been part of the Napa Valley educational community since 1978. FOSM, the school’s separate, non-profit organization provides need-based tuition assistance to qualifying families to support and enhance the school’s commitment to serve young people from all segments of the community.


Sunrise Scholarship Fund Policy

Within the limitations of its budget and the policies of the Sunrise Scholarship Fund, FOSM is committed to assisting qualifying Sunrise students who, because of the cost of tuition at Sunrise, might not otherwise be able to attend the school. Scholarships are granted on a non-discriminatory basis and are based on the admission requirements, policies, and admission decisions of Sunrise Montessori.


FOSM annually determines the amount of funds available for the Sunrise Scholarship Fund and designates the amount in its annual budget. Scholarship funds may also come from contributions designated by donors specifically for this program. FOSM, in conjunction with Sunrise, believes that parents have an obligation to pay for the educational expenses of their children. To that end, scholarships shall not exceed one half of the student’s total annual tuition.


The Sunrise Scholarship Fund is administered by a program coordinator under the counsel of the school administration. Every attempt is made to keep the identity of past and current recipients confidential and unknown to the FOSM Board.


Who can apply?

The Sunrise Scholarship Fund is available to all Sunrise families. Both new and returning families are welcome to apply.


How to apply?

FOSM utilizes the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) application process to help administer the Sunrise Scholarship Fund. A small application fee is required for each family application (not each child); any family qualifying for the Sunrise Scholarship Fund will be reimbursed for the fee.


Is this confidential?

The names of the applicants and recipients of the Sunrise Scholarship Fund are only made known to those who have a need to know in order to administer the program at Sunrise. We do not inform the teachers or the students as to who is receiving assistance. In the event that tuition assistance is granted, we ask that the family also keep the amount and existence of the grant confidential.


Is the Sunrise Scholarship Fund renewed each year automatically?

No. FOSM asks that families receiving scholarships apply each year. However, once a scholarship has been awarded, it is reasonable to expect that it will be renewed each year, providing a family’s financial situation does not change substantially. Changes in a family’s financial situation could result in an adjustment to the amount of the scholarship depending on individual circumstances. Additionally, all scholarships are subject to withdrawal or withholding, by decision of the Sunrise Scholarship Fund coordinator, if the family is delinquent in payments to Sunrise or the child has been removed from the school.


How is the Sunrise Scholarship Fund allocated?

Based on available funds and a determination of financial need, tuition assistance is awarded in the following order of priority:

• Families currently receiving a scholarship

• Qualified siblings of families currently receiving a scholarship

• New applicants meeting application requirements and deadlines


Is there a minimum or maximum income a family must have in order to be considered for the Sunrise Scholarship Fund?

No. Net income is not the only factor used in making scholarship decisions. Assets, debts and number of dependents are among the various factors that the Sunrise Scholarship Fund coordinator and FOSM considers, and these factors may have an influence on scholarship decisions.


How is the Sunrise Scholarship Fund granted?

Applicants will receive a letter from the Sunrise Scholarship Fund Coordinator, which will include the amount of the scholarship granted to your family, if applicable. Sunrise Scholarship Funds will be credited directly to the student’s tuition statement. Scholarship funds may not be applied to extended care costs, but may be granted for other program fees at the discretion of FOSM.


Whom should I contact if I have questions about the application or the program?

Please direct all questions to Roger Gribbins, who can be reached by email at


To apply for the Sunrise Scholarship Fund please follow these steps:

1. Go to the following website:

2. Create an account or log in if you have an existing account

3. Complete and submit your application, including paying for the application fee

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