Dinora Medrano

Primary Teacher


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Guerrero, Mexico, with my 4 brothers. In 1990, the whole family moved to the USA to join my father who was working here.

What were your dreams as a child?

I wanted to work as a business administrator in the tourist industry as a child. During my college studies, because I did a lot of babysitting, I changed my mind and realized how much I loved working with children.

Where were you educated?

I went to elementary, middle and high school in Mexico. When we moved to Napa I went to Napa High School for 2 years to finish my studies. Upon graduation I attended Napa Valley College and received my AA from the Child and Family Studies department. Later I went to Contra Costa College to do my Montessori training.

How did you learn about the Montessori philosophy?

I was fortunate to be placed at Sunrise for the practicum part of my AA degree. I fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and I have been here ever since! My 3 sons are graduates of Sunrise .


How long have you worked at Sunrise?

I have worked at Sunrise for 24 years.

Which age groups have you worked with at Sunrise?

I have worked with all age groups and in all the classrooms at Sunrise.

Where else have you worked?

I have worked in the childcare center at Napa Valley College and in an elderly facility as an aide.

What excites you about the Montessori philosophy?

It is a learning experience every day.

What is the essence of the Montessori philosophy for you?

I love the emphasis on a whole child education and that each child can go at their own pace. I also love the education for peace program.

What do you love to do outside of school?

I love hiking in nature and cycling. I love to watch movies and to listen to music. I love sharing the music, stories and dance of my Mexican heritage with others.